Service concept

3P is a pioneer in the implementation of network investments

Our service covers all network investments – from design to project implementation – from low voltage to power lines and substations, as well as other infrastructure projects.

Our experts work together with the client to map the project’s targets and demands. After that, the project proceeds to design. Our design includes all following aspects;

  • General design of the network
  • Planning, acquisition of permits
  • Structural design if required.
  • Documentation and GPS mapping
  • Demolition planning

After adequate and precise design work;

Calculation and proposal

We calculate the benefits of the different implementation methods of the network construction and provide a proposal. We also handle the whole of construction, thus minimizing the risks associated with the project.


The project will be charged according to the agreed action plan, thus increasing our customers' ability to invest more efficiently and faster.


Ownership of the new network will be transferred to the customer immediately upon delivery, or as separately agreed.