Power Prof Partners Oy

Power Prof Partners Oy or 3P is a flexible and dynamic project management company that started operations in 2016 focusing on facilitating and accelerating customers’ electricity network investments and other infrastructure investments with the help of new operating models throughout Finland.
Our operations are based on cooperation with numerous development-oriented energy-, network- and service companies, and our goal is to improve the competitiveness of our customers and the productivity and reliability of the electricity network. The implementation of telecommunication networks and other various infrastructure networks is also possible with our operating models.

Our experienced and trained professionals as well as our extensive cooperation and subcontracting network bring a sure solution to all construction projects. Despite our extensive network, we are independent of various equipment manufacturers and contractors, thus we are always able to ensure the most competitive and best option. In addition, with the action plan for the contract period, we ensure the implementation of projects quickly and efficiently.

We currently have offices in Pori, Pirkkala and Ylivieska. We also have personal representation in Toholammi, Valkeakoski and Hämeenlinna.

Founded 2016

& activity started

7.6 M€ sales

year 2020

10 professionals

+ extensive partner network